‚Äč     I first caught the photography bug when I should have been studying for my O Levels! I may not have covered myself in academic glory but I passed enough!
     After some searching I finally found a position as Photographers Assistant at an Industrial & Advertising studio where I worked for a couple of years honing B&W, colour and cibachrome printing ending up as Darkroom Manager. Some may be amused to know I became highly skilled at hand retouching photos - way before Photoshop!! 
     Life took a different turn and I, having a young family to support, went into I.T. but photography still played a major part in my life.
On my first ever trip on a plane some were impressed by my chosen destination - no 'popular' hop to the continent.....I chose a 'shortish' trip half way round the world !! I flew to California!! 
     To illustrate what photography means to me I was on a visit down the Pacific Coast Highway, south of Monterey. My friends and I had stopped to enjoy an amazing view of the sun over the Pacific which absolutely begged to be captured. Next thing I hear is , in an irksome tone - 
     "Why don't you just put the camera down and re-LAX"      to which my response was  "you are kidding me ......  with camera in hand I AM relaxed"

And that's it - photography is my passion and joy. If you are interested in my work or have requirements for images to fit in with a desired decor please contact me on: or 07518 363 954